Upcycled Leather Collection

Upcycled Leather Collection - Samuel Ashley

better for the planet – and for your wardrobe

We acknowledge that we have a potential impact on the environment and, therefore, we are committed to taking our part in reducing our environmental impacts and implementing sustainable practices which work better for the planet – and for your wardrobe.

We are passionate about embarking on a sustainable journey and we endeavour to make a difference to our communities.


The handbags from this Collection are made from at least 60% recycled materials, most of which comes from used leather bags or tanneries. Every piece of leather tannery waste has a story to tell. The waste is extracted and upcycled into new leather fibres - this is how we give them a new life.


To ensure environmental best practices, we carefully select upcycled leather certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which is an internationally recognised standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product.


By upcycling the leather waste, the consumption of raw materials and carbon footprints have thus been reduced.


We are committed to the responsible and sustainable sourcing of the leather fabrics. We work with tanneries certified by Leather Working Group (LWG), whose objective is to assess the environmental compliance of leather manufacturers and to promote sustainable practices in greater efficiency in energy and water. 

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